Topics To Talk About With A Girl Without Getting Her Bored

There are times when you might feel running out of interesting topics to talk with girls. Talking with a girl in person or on phone can be full of nervousness for many boys. Don’t get stressed in such a situation as there are a lot of things to talk about with a girl be it on a phone or personally. Here’s a long list of things that you can talk with girls that too without making her bored.

Get A Reason To Call And Start The Conversation

Well, if you’re making a call to her then get ready with your reason to call. You can ask for lunch or dinner. Once you’ll ask the girl about the dinner, you’ll get a lot more to talk with her on phone. If you both are in the same college then asking for the projects would be the great option to start the conversation. Be sure that you’re having a good reason to call her otherwise you may end by disconnecting the phone out of hesitation.

Talk About The Things Which Is Common In Both Of You

To keep the conversation going, all you need is an interesting topic. So, you can start it by talking about the common things that you both share. If you’re colleagues then you can go ahead about talking projects, meetings etc. This can be a savior for boys who don’t get topics to talk. But, don’t overdo it as it may make her feel bored.

Interests And Hobbies

Another topic that will help you in talking with a girl is hobbies and interests. This is a very common topic but it always works. With this topic, she might get engaged in the conversation. Don’t ask those questions that can be answered in only yes or no. For example, Do you like music? Instead of that, you can ask what kind of music do you like? This’ll surely give your conversation a lot more to interact.

Talk About Travelling

Talking about very common topics won’t help you in impressing the girl. Thus, you need a topic that can bind her to the conversation. Every girl likes to travel and visit new places. So, your next topic could about traveling. What places has she traveled till date? Which is her best place to travel? These are some questions that a boy can ask the girl. Although asking about traveling is a common topic but it won’t ruin the flow of your conversation.

Sending Emojis Can Be A Great Way Of Starting Conversation

Before you’re making a call to her, send a humorous emoticon or GIF. This will add more interesting topics to your conversation. This’ll also add some emotions to your conversation on the text.

Taking with girls is not at all a rocket science. With just some interesting topics, you can start a conversation with the beautiful girl. On phone or text, there are many things to talk about with a girl. You can get some ideas from the above-mentioned topics.