Penis Size – A Closer Look at the Myths and Truths

“Am I normal down there?” is a question that a lot of doctors get asked by men all the time.

For centuries, penis size has been a hot topic amongst both men and women, which also means that there is a lot of contradictory information out there too.

So, what are the actual facts and myths when it comes to penis size?

Penile Mythology

Contrary to what you may believe about the size of your penis, most men are doing just fine in the size department.

The average flaccid penis is around 9cms, while the average erect penis is about 13cms long.

So, what about the beliefs that the size of a man’s penis is proportionate to the length of his hand or foot or that it’s linked to his race? The fact is that there is no scientific proof to substantiate these claims so it’s best to go on studies of actual penis sizes.

Even though most men have a normal size penis, penis enlargement clinics, such as Man Cave Sydney, have become increasingly popular amongst men who would like a little more girth in the bedroom.

Is the “grower or show-er” theory true?

According to several studies, the grower or show-er theory is in fact true. The length of the average penis will grow by about 42%, with growers becoming larger than show-ers. Apparently, men who have a shorter flaccid penis will generally grow more than men with a larger flaccid penis.

How much do we really know about penis size?

In reality, we probably know as much about penis size as we do about the size of our tongues, which isn’t a whole lot.

Genetics seem to be what plays the biggest role in penis size and shape, with hormones also helping things along during early childhood and puberty.

Something we can be proud of is that the human penis is, in fact, longer and thicker than any other primate relative to body size. The human species is particularly well endowed.

Does size truly matter in bed?

So, does a larger penis automatically make you better in bed? Perhaps, but what you do with your penis is far more likely to make a difference than how long it is.

In fact, several studies have concluded that women prefer having more girth than a longer penis. This is mainly because the most important nerve endings are mostly situated around the opening of the vagina or around 10cms deep into the vagina. This means that the average man doesn’t need to have a long penis to please a woman.

Other studies have also concluded that the vast majority of women are perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s penis, particularly because they know how to please them regardless of length, which just goes to show how important your bedroom skillset is too.

But again, if you do feel that your penis is not what you want it to be, dermal fillers are the safest and most effective way to gain more size.