Is it okay for your partner to be friends with their ex?

\Usually it’s not okay for your partner to be friends with their ex, but there are circumstances where it can be more or less acceptable.

In this article, we’re going to run through circumstances where your partner can maintain a friendship with their ex, and explain why.

Of course it’s often better when your ex completely cut ties with their ex, but sometimes this can be delicate.

In what ways, or under what circumstances, is it okay for
your partner to be friends with their ex:

There are some ways this is more or less healthy and/or acceptable for your partner to be friends with their ex.

Here they are:

• When your partner and his/her friend were friends before:

For instance if they had been friends for a few years before they start their more intimate relationship. It means that they can be friends. That being said, there are some risks that your partner and his/her friend forget about their friendly relationship and decide to start something more intimate again (entering a new relationship or just cheating on you, without telling you).

• When they work together:

For instance if they work in the same company or if they are part of a team in a business project. A positive relationship is needed in order to succeed in their projects. But again, there’s still a risk.

• If they have kids together:

It is quite obvious that their kids will feel much better if their parents are getting along well. In that case it’s healthy for them to be friends. And since their friendship will be based on supporting their children, they won’t have the time and energy to dive back into a new intimate relationship. Their emotions will be directed at the children, and not at each other.

Some ways it’s NOT healthy or okay for a partner to be friends with their ex:

Now that we’ve seen under what circumstances it is okay for your partner to be friends with their ex, let’s run through the ways it’s not okay for your partner to be friend with their ex…

• If they have never been friends before:

Because in that case, they’re not likely to be able to live a relationship based solely on friendship. They don’t know how to be friends, and despite their will to try to do so, it might go off the rails. That’s why it’s a bad idea.

• If your partner got dumped by his/her ex:

In that case, your partner might still have some feelings for his/her ex and it could go off rails if they don’t cut all ties.

Is it okay to be friends with an ex, as long as it’s

And what are the benefits to this type of relationship and why might your partner be interested in maintaining it?

Well, it largely depends on the circumstances which we discussed above, but one should bear in mind that this is never fully platonic. One never know what might happen. There’s not particular benefit to this type of relationship.