How to Entice your Lesbian Partner?

And you thought you would never be able to do something totally out of the box for your girlfriend?

More and more countries are permitting lesbians and gays to get married; this means you can now be open about it. If you are a woman and you are in love with another woman, maybe that’s how things go for you. It is completely okay and normal, no matter what others say about it. Since the government of the country is not going to penalize you for being lesbian, be cool with it!

Now the major question is – how can you attract your lesbian partner more and more towards yourself?

No doubt you are best friends – maybe you have an awesome sex life already – but the truth is that you have to keep doing something or the other in your relationship in order to keep the excitement alive. It is not that two lesbians can’t get bored of each other, just because they have each other’s bodies to make love to. There are times when even lesbian girlfriends breakup because of their desire for better sex or intimacy.

If even the thought of losing this woman makes you lose your mind, maybe it is time for you to add a pinch of salt in your monotonous sex life – maybe it is time for you to get a beautiful butt plug tail!

Yes – we are talking about a beautiful butt tail that can make you your girlfriend’s pet. When she is at work and you are at home, do something with the bed in your room. Toss a few flower petals in the bed, get a bottle of champagne, slip into the sexiest lingerie you have and wear a butt plug. The moment she enters, all you have to do is crawl on your knees and hands. When you do that, make sure she sees the tail in your butt so that it excites her. You are going to make her drop her jaws with those sexy butt moves that you make to show off the new tail you have.

If you want to twin the tail with your lesbian girlfriend, maybe you can get two butt plugs that are totally alike. You both can be the same “human pets” to each other and then get into some hot action. Trust us – there is nothing better than a nice tail butt plug!

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