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Victoria Alouqua is the French sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Learn all about Piggy Bank Girls top lady in our exclusive interview.

Few things are as sexy as a French chick that knows her way around a cock. except maybe a French girl who is just as good with her own pussy. Victoria Alouqua tells all, from what it’s like being a cam girl, to what gets her off.

So, we’re here to get the dirt on dirty girl Victoria Alouqua. What is your favorite part about being a cam girl?

Victoria Alouqua: There is nothing so sexy as watching my pussy on camera and knowing that men are watching my pussy. They think of touching my tits and rubbing their cum on me. That is so hot. Just talking about it has my pussy wet now. My job is very nice. It lets me have money for things by doing what I love, which is fucking. I want to slap my pussy just thinking of all the men who crave to be inside of me. People may say that it is wrong, what I do, but it is not. It is sexy and strong. I love the cock. I love the people watching me, they are always very kind and say very kind things. These things I read, as I am on the camera, they make me so horny.

What is your favorite position?

Victoria Alouqua: I love to masturbate. That is my favorite. Using dildos and fuck machines, I can see what the men are saying as I fuck toys. It makes me think of them. Sliding into my pussy. I think many men love to see my ass, it is a lovely feature. Many men would like to fuck my ass I think, and I would like them to. I love the cock in my pussy when they write to me. It is so sexy. I think of them all when I slap my pussy and play on my tits. Big cock is best. I like to smile at them, it makes me feel beautiful and sexy. The ass is also a favorite of mine. It hurts in such a good way. I think men like watching my ass get fucked by big cocks.

What is your favorite feature?

Victoria Alouqua: My pussy squirt. Of course! I get so excited that I cum everywhere. In many of my videos, I have to put a towel beneath me because I cum so hard. The thought of all of these internet men fucking my pussy and licking my ass makes my pussy drip. My nipples are also very sensitive. I love having them fucked and licked and teased. It gets me so hot.


What do you like doing when you’re not on camera?

Victoria Alouqua: I am very much enjoying the forests and nature. I love to ski and enjoy this, but I also bring the camera with me, because being in nature is very sexy. I like to touch my pussy in the forest for all of my men. To play with my tits and cover me in cum. I love doing the strip shows especially in public places or in my car, because it is so dirty. I love knowing that someone may catch us while we are on the camera, that they could see or stop at any time. I want my men to see me all the time, if I am masturbating, or fucking my boyfriend, or enjoying nature. I want my men to be there with me. There is no time in my life that I do not think of this.

Victoria, are you masturbating right now?

Victoria Alouqua: Yes. I masturbate all the time. I get so sexy and horny when I think about all my internet men, reading this and wanting to fuck my pussy and my ass. I had to put my fingers inside of me I am so hot. I want my tits to be slapped and in your mouth. I love to fuck. I need to fuck [rapid french and increasingly loud cries of pleasure] . Oh. The mess I have made! I came so hard, I have wetted my whole room. I am a mess and must clean. I cum again before I clean though…