Countries That Love Sex Toys The Most

Sex toys are more popular than ever before. These exciting bedroom toys come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it’s the classic vibrator, a pocket pussy, or a realistic silicone dildo, people around the globe simply love their adult toys. In fact, it doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re a guy or a girl, straight, or gay. Nowadays, there is a sex toy to meet anybody’s sexual needs.

When it comes to sex toys, it goes without saying that people in some countries love them more than others. And now I know what you’re thinking and I totally agree! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see in what country people love sex toys the most?! Well, luckily for us, the World Sex Toy Rankings tell us exactly that! Although it might not exactly show us how many people in a certain country use an adult toy, it does show us how many internet users in a certain country are looking to buy sex toys online.

Biggest sex toy loving countries:

Although you might feel that your own country should be ranked first in this list only because of your personal search history for sex toys online, you might be surprised that it’s actually the Nordic countries that rank on top. The country where people seem to be the most interested in sex toys is Denmark, followed by Sweden and Greenland. This makes us wonder why people in the North love their sex toys so much.

In 2017, out of every 1000 internet users in Denmark, 118 people search for adult toys online. That’s more than 11% of the country that’s interested in or curious about the use of adult toys. Proudly second are ranking the Swedes with 115 searches per 1000 people, followed by Greenland (108), the USA (104), and the UK (96).

Now, after we’ve had a look at the top 5, it’s time to get into some stereotypes! First, let’s have a look at France, commonly seen as one of the most romantic countries in the world. In the World Sex Toy Rankings, this country is letting itself down with only 74 searches per 1000 internet users. As a result, they did not manage to score higher than place 15 on the list of biggest sex-toy loving countries. France was followed by two more European countries; Finland (with 73 searches the lowest scoring Nordic country) and Greece (71).

By now, you may have noticed that most of the top ranking countries are Western countries. In fact, besides the USA and Australia, all countries in the top 20 are European. Besides this surprising fact, there are some other surprises in the list as well. One of these surprises is Japan. Although this Asian island nation is often believed to be one of the horniest countries in the world, it turns out that its people are not really into the use of adult toys. With merely 44 searches for sex toys online out of all 1000 internet users, they end up at a disappointing 43rd place. All the way at the bottom of the list you’ll find India as well as Bangladesh where only 6 out of 1000 internet users are searching to purchase adult toys.