Sunday, 24 August 2014

Trick to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android device

Have you ever wanted to set any video of your choice as your live wallpaper? How about a bunch of videos? How about having options to choose whether the videos play at random or in an order specified by you?

Today in this Article we will Take you through Steps to Set Any Video as live Wallpaper in Android Devices easily. It may probably Drain your Battery but it Definately worthy trying and showing it to your freinds. So lets get started

Steps to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android

To Set Live wallpaper on android we are going to use an app. Though there are many apps available but i will recommend to use the most popular one and the one that most of the people prefer to use.

Step 1:  Download and install the app called “Video Live Wallpaper"
Step 2: After downloading and installing, its now time to set up a video as live wallpaper, simply long-press your device home screen to open the “Set home screen” dialog. Choose “Wallpapers” from the menu to Select “Live Wallpapers”.

Step 3: You Should now see list of live wallpapers. Scroll down and select the option for “Video Live Wallpaper”.

Step 4: Now Select your live wallpaper’s video source by going to its settings. Just tap the “Settings” option under the live wallpaper screen.

Step 5: On the settings page, go to Live Wallpaper Preferences > Video Source. If you want to select a video from your device, select the option for “File or directory”. 

If you want to select a ready-made video from Video Live Wallpaper’s directory, select “Application provider”. 

Step 6: Select the file or directory where you placed your videos. Your video formats must be 3GP or MP4.
After choosing your live wallpaper video source, you may also update its default preferences 

Once you’re done, simply tap the back button. You will then see one of your videos as it continues to play on your screen. Just don’t forget to select “Set Wallpaper” to confirm your selection.

This app suspends its activity automatically when your phone is locked or when you are working on some application and thus consumes less battery as compared to a normal live wallpaper and Hence Consumes less Battery.

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