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How to Run All Android Apps & Games on Windows PC

Whether you have an Android device or not, there's several reasons you might want or need to run Android apps on your Windows PC. If you're an Android developer being able to run your own app in Windows could come in handy for testing and debugging. Or perhaps you just enjoy playing Android games but don't always want to be restricted to using a phone or tablet to play them.

If you have ever wanted to run Android apps on Windows then read on as I guide you through the entire process.

How to Run Andriod Apps on Windows PC

Run All Android Apps & Games on Windows PC

Install BlueStacks 

First things first, in order to run Android apps on your Windows PC you will first need to download and install a program called 'BlueStacks'.

This program is free and very simple to use. With it you can run any Android app directly on your Windows PC.

You can Download BlueStacks from Here
After you have downloaded it, installation is as simple as any another Windows program, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Set up the app store 

After you have installed BlueStacks you will need to set up the Google Play app store to work with it so that you can access and install apps from Google Play.

To do this you will need to open BlueStacks and go to "My Apps" and then click on "1-Click Sync Setup" which will open up a new interface that will guide you through the process of synchronizing your Windows PC with your Google Play account. If you do not already have a Google Play account, you can create a new one during the setup process.

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Installing and running apps 

Once you have synced your Google Play account with your Windows PC you can now begin installing and running Android apps with BlueStacks.

To install apps with BlueStacks you will have to use the built-in search function which will search through 1Mobile, Amazon, and Google Play for the name of the app you entered. By searching through three different app stores you get a wide selection to choose from, and hopefully, you will be able to find the app you were looking for easier.

Once you have found the app you wanted you will be given the option to install it onto your Windows PC, just like if you were to install it on any Android device. Once the app is installed, you can return to your home screen and run it anytime you want.

There is one more Tool called Youwave that does exactly same as Bluestacks but youwave is not available for free.

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  1. 'BlueStacks'. not comfortable for 1gb ram so i can;t use this .............

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