Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to Customize VLC Media player to give a Whole New Look

Few days ago I shared 5 Best VLC Media Player tricks, But recently i stumbled through another great vlc trick which gives your VLC media player a whole new look. Its about Changing The theme to get a New, Beautiful looks to VLC of your Choice.

You can even Make VLC look like Windows Media player or Winamp or itunes and the list goes on. There are plenty of Customized themes that can be used and the best part is they are available for free on the official site of Vlc. So let us see steps to Change VLC media player themes and from where to get it.

How to give VLC a whole new look

Step 1: First of all Choose your Favourite Skin from the Official Site Here and Download it to your Computer(Remember the Path).

Here in the Below Picture i Gave my VLC a new Look of Winamp Media player. This looks Cool.

This theme is not available on the Official site, But to Download this theme, CLICK HERE and then click on Download button from Right hand side. 
Full Credits goes to the Developer of this theme and Sharing with us.

Step 2: Open VLC media Player.

Step 3: Press CTRL + P to Open Preferences Window or You can also click on Tools > Preferences.

Step 4: Now Click on Use Custom Skin, Now you will be asked to Choose the path, So click on Choose and navigate tot he theme file you saved earlier Which is usually Downloads Folder.

Step 5: After Choosing the File, its time to Click on Save. Thats it. Now Close VLC and Open it again to have a whole new look to it.

There are Plenty of Themes available on the official site already and this feature is not much known to users but users who know this loves it.

I hope you will enjoy this VLC trick. Don't forget to share it with your friends as well.

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