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5 Geeky Pranks to Play on your Friend's Computer

We all love to play Pranks, and So today i will show you some awesome pranks that you can play on your friend's Computer which will drive him/her Crazy. Make them realize that they are friend with a Geek , a Computer Savvy and Never mess with you again Ever...

The below Pranks will not harm your or your Friend's Computer in any way. You can get things to Normal easily once you enjoy enough watching your friend Struggling to get things done. So below are 5 Geeky Computer pranks that you will love to play on your Friends

5 Computer Pranks to Play on your Friend

1. Desktop Screenshot:

This is one of the Best tricks that i personally like to play and enjoy it every single time.

Step 1: Make use of Print Screen button and take a screenshot of the Desktop.

Step 2: Now open paint and Ctrl+V, then save the file.

Step 3: Back to desktop, right click anywhere, Hover your mouse on View, then unselect Show desktop icons.

Computer Pranks

Step 4: Step 3 will Hide the Icons, Now navigate to the file that we Saved earlier which is the Screenshot of the desktop. Right Click on it, Select Set as Desktop Background

Step 5: Adjust the Size of the wallpaper if needed. now let it be as it is.

Now when your Friend will be back to use his Computer, Watch his face when he tries to Double click the icons to open the folder/Program.

Nothing will happen because we have hidden the icons and what he is clicking on is just a Desktop wallpaper.

2.Changing Mouse settings:

You can do a lot of fun things with someone’s mouse. You can change mouse settings of your victim without having him any idea what you did and how to fix it. only you know that.

Step 1: Search for Mouse and go into Mouse Properties. 

Step 2: Here you can switch the primary and secondary buttons, i.e. left- and right-click funtionality, customize the pointer style, increase or decrease the pointer speed (super annoying!), or adjust the scroll speed of the mouse wheel.

Step 3: Do changes according to your Preference that will Annoy your friend to your satisfaction level. Apply the Changes.

3. Flip the Screen Upside down:

In Windows, you can change the screen orientation, All you need to do is right-click the desktop and select Screen Resolution. 

Under Orientation, choose one other than the default Landscape. To turn the screen upside-down, go with Landscape (flipped). As a result, everything will be upside down.

Watch you friends reaction when they try to use the Computer.

4. Exchange Keyboard Keys:

If you friend is not really a Computer Savvy or he/she is a newbie in case of using a Computer then they might be typing looking at the Keyboard and most probably with only 1 Finger.

Take advantage of this, Rearrange they keys on the keyboard, Give your victim a hard time, Finding the Keys where it once use to be. 

5. Change Keyboard Language:

Again, you may want to change the language from English to Something that your victim doesn't Understand.

To do So, Search for the term "Language" in you windows search bar, Then Select Region and Language Settings. Change the language to whatever you want and the language that will confuse your victim

So these were the 5 Geeky Pranks that i wanted to share, but you can share your pranks too, if you have any good Computer Prank which doesn't Harm anyone then feel free to share it with us in comment box. 

And if you like any of the above Prank then let us know you views on it.

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