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Free Websites to Learn Programming Languages Online

Hello friends, After a long time I’m back for you again. Today, I will be discussing one of the most important topic for those who want to switch their career in Programming field. Really guys now a days it is not at all a big task to be a programmer, Internet is your friend, You can learn it for free. all you need is Dedication from your side.

Currently anyone can learn programming easily without even paying for it. So, If you also have a dream to be a great programmer like Bill Gates and our very own facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg then this article will be helping you a lot.

Without wasting much time I will directly come over the point. In this article I will be talking about the best 5 websites which will be helping you in learning different programming languages online for free of cost.

Websites to Learn Programming Languages Online

The websites which I have listed below in this article will teach you programming instantly with different and simple ways. Don’t fear if you are thinking about the complicated processes and setups which will be needed for learning programming. Simply pay your attention properly to the lessons which are taught to you by these websites and then by Practising nicely you will start working like a Professional.

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Websites to learn programming without investing money

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is counted in the most popular websites which helps you in Learning programming languages easily and simply without any type of Complications. This website has Simple and Easy interface that will be helping you in operating this website easily. You can directly start learning the courses simply visiting the main page. This website will be teaching you the most popular languages like PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.

You will be finding Proper Explanations and Instructions inside each and every lesson you open. In short I wanna say that this website will be acting like a complete guide for you who is teaching you by sitting right beside your chair.But no need to takeaway anything from other Websites listed below. They are the Chosen ones too.

2. CodeBabes

Codebabes have recently been added to famous websites which will be helping you in learning programming easily. As the name suggests, it will be Fun if you would like to learn Coding where Babes will be there to teach you.

With Cool and Simple user interface anyone can operate this website easily without facing much problems. Like the other websites this website also offers you all type of popular programming languages in a Fun and easy way. No Doubt i would Recommend this Website. Reason: Find it Yourself.

Visit CodeBabes

3. Code Avengers :

This website is designed so creatively that it will make you love  programming. Unfortunately this website current only offers you HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. If you are thinking that as this website has limited lessons for you then it will not be providing you right information then let me tell you that this website will really make you fan for programming. Your programming skills will be more furnished after visiting this website.

As I already mentioned above that this website has been designed very creatively this means that this website offers you to play a miniclip game after completing each lesson which will be decreasing your stress level. Code Avengers provides you necessary knowledge which can be digested by beginners easily. At last I want to say that this website is made by keeping the Programmer Comfort in mind.

4. Code School

Code School is the next step which you should learn after completing your lessons from the above listed website. I’m saying this because this website offers you different type of courses by going into depth. You can easily work like an expert if you start going through this website. 

This website has mainly categorized the courses in 4 different paths like Ruby, JavaScript, Html/CSS, iOS. Although this website contains limited courses but trust me guys this website will surely make you Work professionally.

5. CodeHs

At the Last I am talking about that website which involves problem solving, JavaScript, animation, data structure, game design and puzzle challenges.

This website will help you in thinking that how can you solve programming problem easily. With different type of fun lessons this website will be giving you different tasks to make you problem solving capability stronger. I just say that this is the perfect website for you which will make you a real programmer.

6. (Bonus)

If you have a Good Internet Connection and have the Desire to learn Programming then this is the Perfect place where you can Start your Coding Career. A Good Internet Connection because you will find tons of Videos about various Programming languages Created by a Guy called Bucky.

What grabbed my attention was his Style of teaching and making videos. I have personally Downloaded and Watched his Videos About Java and app development, Yeah You will find videos everything from C to java and java to Game development. is now Known as BuckysRoom

I hope you have enjoyed a lot while reading this article. If you have any type of doubt or confusions in your mind then do not forgot to leave your comments below in the comment box. At the last I want to say that kindly share this article with your friends…

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  1. I only knew c nd C + + which language I have to learn now to make my programming best?

  2. The fifth site isn't free! :(