Monday, 7 January 2013

5 Free Services to Send Large Files Via E-mail

Undoubtedly one of the main problems when sending an e-mail has been the attachments, which almost always been limited to a maximum size, making many times we can not send the complete information to our destination if we know that there are alternative tools to do so. The most common was uploading files to a storage service in the cloud and then send the link to download the mail, but now we have other options.

Free Services to Send Large Files Via E-mail
Fortunately the major mail services saw this need and expanded its boundaries somewhat, besides that added supplements useful for large attachments, so let's evaluate some of them and now you will decide which is the one you should use.

Free Services to Send Large Files via Email

Google Drive

One of the most outstanding services and offer major advantages is certainly the storage service from Google, which has been linked to the accounts of Gmail users who can send files up to 10 GB with free accounts.

Sky Drive

Microsoft who owns Hotmail, the other large email services, has also implemented its SkyDrive storage service that allows the users to send up to 7GB free version, a quite appropriate choice of over 25MB to traditional which we had become accustomed.


This interesting tool offers a free space ranging from 2GB just to check in, to 18GB if you recommend the service to others. Available for desktop and mobile applications, and allows each of the uploaded files can be sent via email to the recipients you want.


Although the service is now in beta, allows for free and without registration, anyone can send files up to 2GB to a recipient or to a group of 20 different emails, also if you prefer you can also get a direct link to download the uploaded file. Best of all, when the recipient downloads the file, we will receive a confirmation message that this was downloaded.


This service offers for free the ability to send files up to 2GB, requires us to register and is limited in that only allows 20 downloads per file, and after three days they are deleted.
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