Thursday, 19 June 2014

Trick to Publish Audio Comments on Any Facebook Status Update

Today I found an interesting Chrome Extention to Publish Audio Comments on Any facebook status update of your choice. Yeah, this is a new Trick that not many facebook users know. You might be the 1st one to know this trick amongst your Friends. Perform this trick on your friend's Status and see them praise you.

All you will need is Chrome Browser which many of you might be already using it(I am not sure if such add on is available for firefox). And a working Microphone because you will need to Record your Voice(Comment) which you want to publish as your Comment.

Publish Audio Comments on Any Facebook Status Update

This is actually done with the help of a Chrome Extention called Talk and Comment. You can not only Publish audio comments but also Send Audio message to your friends in Facebook chat with this Extention.

How to Publish Audio Comments/Messages on Fb

The trick is actually very simple and i will try my best to make you understand with Simple Steps. So lets get Started.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser. If you do not have it installed then Download > Install > Open.

Step 2: Now Download and Install Talk and Comment Extention from Google play store.
Step 3: If you have installed any Extentions earlier then Step 2 would be kind of No explanation needed Step. Once the extention is successfully Installed in your Browser, it will automatically open new Tab where it will ask for your permission to use your MIC. Click on Allow.

Step 4: Till now Extention Installation part is Complete, Now the real fun begins. So Login to facebook. You will see Mic Icon added to your Comment box and Chat box. if you see it then you are on right track.

Step 5: To publish your Audio comment on your Friend's facebook status or to send them Audio message Simple Click and hold that MIC icon, Now Speak to Record your Comment/Message. 

Step 6: Once you are done with Recording part, Simply Release the MIC icon to Upload the audio. You will see a Link, Press Enter to Publish your Comment or Send your Audio message to your Friend.

Step 7: Cross check by Clicking on Play icon to hear your recorded message/Comment which others will See.

Here is Official Video by the Developer of the Extention Explaining the Steps.

So this was a new Facebook trick i came through recently and so Decided to share with my Readers. Please understand that you need a MIC in order to Install this Extention. Take a Few Seconds to share this New Trick with your friends if you like it. Feel free to Comment about this Post in below Comment box.
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