Saturday, 14 June 2014

How to Create System Repair disc in Windows 7/8

If you are a Windows user then you know windows may crash anytime which results in your system will not boot. you might have faced this issue earlier and might be atlast forced to Fresh install Windows which may cause in loss of Data Stored in your Primary drive.

To avoid any loss of data and to avoid Fresh installs everytime you face a problem in windows, We can Create System Repair disc in Windows 7/8 which helps us to Repair windows Whenever Necessary. Its Very Easy to Create System Repair disc provided that Windows have an inbuild Feature to do it.

We Burn a Blank CD/DVD with the help of Create system Repair Feature so that we can insert the disk and repair our PC next time it Crashes.

Steps to Create System Repair disc in Windows 7

Step 1: Navigate to Start> All Programs> Maintenance> Create a System Repair Disc

Alternatively you can simply Search "System Repair disc" to find it.

Step 2: Now Insert Blank DVD in to your DVD Rom which, Select it and Click on Create disc Button.

Step 3: Wait a few Seconds while it Creates a System Repair disc for you, Once finished click on OK and Remove the Ready Disc.

Steps to Create System Repair disc in Windows 8

Step 1: Hover your Mouse pointer the top right Corner, click on Search, Now search for the term "File Recovery"
Step 2: Click on Settings to filter the Search. Now click on Windows 7 File Recovery.

Step 3: A New Window will pop up, From the left panel, Click on Create a System Repair Disc.

Step 4: Now a Wizard will be opened, again all you have to do is insert a Blank dvd, Select it and Click on Create disc. Wait untill it finishes the task and Click on OK

Steps to use this Disc:

So far we learned to Create system Repair disc in both Windows 7 and 8 but if i don't Cover how and when to use this disc then this tutorial will be incomplete.

You may Use the Disc when and where your System Crashes and refuses to boot. In such situations you can pop in this Disc and boot through it and enter the Windows set up Where you will find many recovery options that will help you to Repair your PC.

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  1. but i want to burn in pen drive not in dvd

    1. you can copy that disk data in pendrive after burning to disk...

  2. if i created a system disc repair to dvd from my computer/laptop.. will it work to other laptop if i use the disc?