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How to Download Whatsapp for Pc With and Without Bluestacks

As you already know that whatsapp is the most famous instant messaging application which is available on all platforms. Whether you are using Android phones, windows, iPhone, blackberry or any other type of smartphone you can easily enjoy this application.

However, Whatsapp is not available for your Pc but by using some methods you can easily Download Whatsapp for Pc too, No matter which type of operating system you are currently using on your Pc.

But Before starting let me tell you that if you are willing to run Whatsapp on Pc then there are generally two kinds of methods. The first method is of installing a third party application called Bluestack which will be helping you to Download whatsapp for PC and the second method is of direct use.

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 I know that you are not getting these points clearly now but don’t worry and keep reading the article you will automatically get all your answers.

1. How to Download Whatsapp for PC without using Bluestack

Download Whatsapp for PC without using BluestackWell let me tell you that whatsapp is currently not available for Pc use but you can enjoy the same service with the help of the similar application named as Wassapp.

Wassapp is an unofficial version of whatsapp which exactly works like whatsapp.

So, I have listed the following steps which will help you in installing this application carefully on your Pc or on laptops.

Step 1: First of all, Download Wassapp on your Computer and then install it carefully. 

Step 2:  After installing the application successfully on your computer open it.

Step 3: Now you have two option one of login and second is of register. If you know your Whatsapp Login details then fill the same in the login menu but if not then simply register a new account and then enjoy the service.

That’s all with the installation process. You can now easily enjoy whatsapp on Pc with the help of Wassapp and not even installing any other third party application like bluestacks or Youwave.

But If you are not yet satisfied with the above process then you can now follow one more procedure which I have mentioned below. So, Here we move to the second method.

2. How to Download Whatsapp for Pc with Bluestacks

The above method which I have discussed is good enough but if you are willing to use whatsapp on your Pc with the use of third party application so here’s how.

Download Whatsapp for Pc with Bluestacks

Running an android application on Pc is not an easily and a simple task. You must need to use an android emulator which can easily run those android application on your desktop. One of the most famous android emulator is Bluestacks which can easily perform this task.

So, Here is the correct method that you should follow for Downlaoding whatsapp on PC with the help of bluestacks.

Step 1. You will be needing a bluestacks setup which will further help you in running whatsapp on Pc. 

Step 2. After downloading and installing the setup you will now be needing an apk format whatsapp file.

You can download Whatsapp .apk format file from here.

Step 3. Simply install whatsapp after you complete the downloading successfully.

Step 4. Open Bluestacks and then click on My Apps, then click on app search widget and search for Whatsapp.

Step 5. Choose Whatsapp and then further click on it. Bluestacks will now Start downloading Whatsapp for you. Once the Download is Complete you can now again navigate to My apps to find Whatsapp been added in the list.

Step 6: Click on Whatsapp Icon to start it and Accept Terms and Conditions which will be asked.

By Accepting all type of terms and condition your whatsapp will run successfully on your Pc. Complete all the procedures like Entering your number which is asked further and then just enjoy the service…

Note that you must use the number that you have never used before for whatsapp purpose otherwise it will not work.

That’s it. Now you have two ways by which you can run whatsapp on your Pc easily. At the last I want to say that bluestacks will be needing high system requirements for running and if you get failed in installing bluestacks setup then you can even try Youwave android emulator. All the function and procedure will be Same as bluestacks.

If you have any type of questions or doubts then you can leave your valuable comment below in the comment box and if possible then try to share this article with your friends…

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  1. does this work in INDIA...........

    1. Yes Ofcourse, there is not reason for it to not work in India..... Feel free to do it.

  2. will it work on only one device like if i login it on pc then will it continue on my cellphoneor not

    1. no. it will work on only one device. i have tried that

  3. we can chat with watsup profiles with wassup??

  4. how to use whatsapp with Blue Stacks if i am using college proxy?

  5. Hi,
    I have downloaded and installed this app, but it is not able to sign, it says either phone or password is wrong. I have don it with all options with exact information still not working

    can you solve??

    1. Hi, if it says phone or password is wrong then that might be wrong.... please make sure you entere correct number and password..... characters are case sensitive so take care of that too.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes bala krishnan, it is supported in Windows 8.1 too.

  7. whatsapp without bluestack is not working.!!!!

  8. it is saying to search for web nstallation recipe