Monday, 9 June 2014

5 Operating System that you don't Know Exists

Thinking of Operating System(OS) the names that first strikes in our mind are Windows, MAC, Linux and Chrome OS. Any other? Uhmm.... No thats it.

Many of you Must be Familiar with above Popular OS and are using them. But do you know there are 5 Other OS that Exists but you are not aware of it and may be you have not heard about them yet. Below i have listed Some OS which are Developed by Big Corporations and Couple of them are Small Projects which are made by Hobbyists.

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However I will not Recommend you to install these OS on your system but if you want you can Install them on Virtual machines.

5 OS that you don't Know Exists


SteamOS is Particularly said as PC Gaming Operating System. SteamOS is relatively New and so it is in BETA right now. It is said that by 2015, we will be able to Buy PCs that Comes with SteamOS preinstalled.
Not only this but we will be able to Install SteamOS on any Computer we like to. It will be worth to wait and See What response this OS gets when People will be more aware about it and have their hands on it.


eComstation is developed by a Company named Serenity systems. eComstation is based on OS/2 Operating System which was originally Created by Microsoft and IBM. Later on Microsoft left and IBM Continued the Development. Even IBM now do not Develops OS/2 and so Serenity system Took over with the name eComstation and added some Applications and Drivers.

ReactOS is an Opensource OS which is said to be Reimplementation of Windows NT and that is why it is campatible with Windows apps and drivers.

The Goal of this OS is to be Compatible with Windows server 2003 and so there is a long way to go for this OS.


Syllable is a lightweight Operating syste and it is another Opensource OS in this list.

5. Haiku:

Haiku is an open-source reimplementation of Beos that is right now in alpha. It's a depiction of what may have been if Microsoft hadn't utilized such heartless business drills as a part of the 90′

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  1. You have forgot too many others, like the different BSDs, AIX, Xenix, OS 400, HP UX, OS 3600 and others, cheers.

    1. There are LOTS of OS's, you can make one right now, but it'd obviously not look like the above. Just download an assembler and an emulator and code some stuff in and you got an OS!

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