Monday, 30 April 2012

Unlock Password Protected Memory Card in Nokia

Memory card is a storage that are used to store the data. The data may be your personal Pictures, Videos and any other confidential informations. many people enables passwords to access those personal data in their memory card.

However if you are one of them and if you just forget that password.this posts helps you to Unlock Password Protected Memory Card in nokia without any kind of formatting

Unlock Password Protected Memory Card

FExplorer is a free software that helps you to unlock the password protected memory card. This freeware only works with S60 first and second edition mobile phones.

Steps to Unlock Password protected memory card:

  • First Download FExplorer on your mobile phone's phone memory. You can download FExplorer here
  • Run FExplorer end goto C drive
  • Now go into the C:system folder
  • Then search mmcstore file and copy that file into your PC.
  • Open that mmcstore file in notepad
  • Now you can see your memory card password.
Hopefully this trick will work for you and help you to unlock memory card for nokia mobles...

thanks for reading.
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