Friday, 15 February 2013

How to Use Image Password Function in Windows 8

Microsoft has made ​​a big deal earlier this month about the new authentication method on Windows 8, which refers to the picture password feature for its next operating system.

The official blog of the developers of Windows 8 has dedicated not only one but two articles referring to this development.

In Windows 8 will be a new system that will allow users the option with the help of a motion picture on the touch screen to create what Microsoft calls "system strong password", if used correctly.

Is this Security or vulnerability??

Image Password Function in Windows 8The new system of passwords and security of images is a factor. According to technology website reports, detailing the SecurID system creator of the two factors, the picture password feature of Windows 8 "is just cute", but if you look from a security standpoint, could have several problems later.

One of the main problems of this system according to Weiss, is that current video cameras can capture a person making movements necessary to unlock Windows 8, even from a distance.

While in a normal password system, people on the screen are replaced when the user points, making the act of registration of shares in connection with a video camera, is much harder.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Download Battery booster for Android & Increase your battery Life

Hi all. Battery booster is a new Android application that's now available for free download that lets you increases you battery life for Android mobile phone by 17%-30% .

This Android application is very useful for Android user. Personally I use this battey booster application. Its really working pretty good.

And also this app automatically recognizes your Android phone and sets up the best battery configuration for you.

This battery saver application's algorithm will run and automatically disable battery-sucking features of your Android when you aren't using them.

For example, this app will disable WiFi when you are not using WiFi on your device. It's also include some other features. That are live wallpaper (if you set), wifi, 3G, 4G, bright screen, and network Services.


Monday, 4 February 2013

List of the best free online antivirus

Hi all. Sometimes ago i had posted something about best antivirus for Android. Now i am going to post about best online free online antivirus. The online scanner is the perfect method for those who do not want to install a full security suite on your computer, and also are the perfect complement for those not completely rely on the antivirus you have installed and want to have a second option without sacrificing system performance.

best free online antivirus

In the network we can find a variety of free security solutions to scan and analyze our system for threats, even many of the most popular antivirus have developed an online version to offer alternative support, so let's see some of the most recommended.

10 of the best free online antivirus


Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to Remove Applications from Homescreen in Windows 8

Hi all. Today we come here to show you a little trick to remove the applications from the home screen on windows8 , which can be annoying to some and comfortable for others users. The truth is that these applications are designed for use on touch devices and use on a daily basis may not be entirely satisfactory.

Remove Apps from Homescreen in Windows 8

This little trick is as follows:

1. Login your windows with Administrator mode.

2. To access Powershell write the following command as is:

Get-AppxPackage-AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

3. With this command we can eliminate them completely, but we can retrieve them later if we are downloading from the Microsoft Store.