Tuesday, 9 April 2013

3 Simple Tricks to optimize your Windows PC

Hi all. Here I share 3 simple tips to speed up your PC a little when you need urgently, remember that for best results you should perform these procedures often leave not to accumulate again solve problems. I hope they are very useful and can take advantage of them.

3 Tricks to optimize your Windows PC

1. Remove old programs and software

Tricks to optimize your Windows PCThis helps to increase the performance of your pc as this stop consuming resources now to uninstall programs just go to Windows control panel and press (UNINSTALL).

Although sometimes we do not always identify programs with less use or those who consume more resources, or what happens in many cases and is not always clear all the program files or software, when that happens is not achieved optimum results so it is advisable to use an extra tool completely uninstall the installed programs.

A good option is the freeware Revo Unisntaller .

2.Cleaning hardware or physical cleaning

In my opinion this is the first thing to do, because when our computer is exposed to a dusty area these begin to accumulate in our tower, and thus begins to affect our computer parts such as fans, which when dust is overfilled not reached the rotation speed (RPM) needed, this causes the CPU starts to increase its temperature. In the case of laptops not only that but also occurs affected the keyboard because it starts slowly greased without realizing until it needs a technician.

Therefore it is important to make a good preventive maintenance every certain period of time, depending on the level of exposure that has our team.

3.Clean your hard drive regularly.

With frequent use in our computer accumulate an amount of data or temporary files that cause this slowing go every day without realizing it, that's why every day we make estrous removing files , I advise use specialized tools as CCleaner, TuneUp or Puran utilities (on this last tool to optimize and talk to them on my site above technology and solutions).
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