Friday, 15 February 2013

How to Use Image Password Function in Windows 8

Microsoft has made ​​a big deal earlier this month about the new authentication method on Windows 8, which refers to the picture password feature for its next operating system.

The official blog of the developers of Windows 8 has dedicated not only one but two articles referring to this development.

In Windows 8 will be a new system that will allow users the option with the help of a motion picture on the touch screen to create what Microsoft calls "system strong password", if used correctly.

Is this Security or vulnerability??

Image Password Function in Windows 8The new system of passwords and security of images is a factor. According to technology website reports, detailing the SecurID system creator of the two factors, the picture password feature of Windows 8 "is just cute", but if you look from a security standpoint, could have several problems later.

One of the main problems of this system according to Weiss, is that current video cameras can capture a person making movements necessary to unlock Windows 8, even from a distance.

While in a normal password system, people on the screen are replaced when the user points, making the act of registration of shares in connection with a video camera, is much harder.
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