Monday, 4 February 2013

List of the best free online antivirus

Hi all. Sometimes ago i had posted something about best antivirus for Android. Now i am going to post about best online free online antivirus. The online scanner is the perfect method for those who do not want to install a full security suite on your computer, and also are the perfect complement for those not completely rely on the antivirus you have installed and want to have a second option without sacrificing system performance.

best free online antivirus

In the network we can find a variety of free security solutions to scan and analyze our system for threats, even many of the most popular antivirus have developed an online version to offer alternative support, so let's see some of the most recommended.

10 of the best free online antivirus

  • Virus Total
  • Panda ActiveScan
  • Bitdefender QuickScan
  • Metascan Online
  • ESET Online Scanner
  • Symantec Security Check
  • avast! Online Scanner
  • F-Secure Online Scanner
  • CA Threat Scanner
  • Dr.Web online scanner

All these tools you can use to analyze links, files, or your entire PC. Most do not ask to install anything on your computer, even need a small plugin or add-on, but rest everything is online and from your browser.

I hope these are helpful online antivirus for everyone, and if they know other feel free to comment.
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