Saturday, 5 January 2013

10 Popular Wikipedia Articles for the year 2012

We all know that wikipedia is the largest online free encyclopedia that exists and that it can find everything you look. Although there is a lot that we can read articles on Wikipedia, there are some that have been read as the year 2012. 

Today i am going to share 10 Popular Wikipedia articles for 2012. The results have been obtained by a Swedish engineer in her English version of the encyclopedia. 

10 Popular Wikipedia Articles 2014

Popular Wikipedia Articles

1. Facebook: 32,647,942 consultation throughout this year.

2. Wiki: 29,613,759 visits in 2012.

3. Deaths in 2012: 25,418,587 queries.

4. One Direction: the famous British group of young locks in 4th place with no less than 22,351,637 queries.

5. The Avengers Movie: Released in 2012, has been accessed 22,268,644 times.

6. 50 shades of Grey: the book has become a bestseller query reaches 21,779,423.

7. Phenomenon 2012: refers to the prophecy of the Maya where they said the world would end on 21 December 2012. Retrieved 20,619,920 times.

8. The Dark Knight (The Legend Reborn): 18,882,885 queries.

9. Google: 18,508,719 consultations in 2012.

10. The Hunger Games: 18,431,626 queries.
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