Thursday, 27 December 2012

List of 10 Best Android Application this Year

Google has just released a list of the best applications that we have in our Android device.

This list has been established in the opinion of the users, the highest rank and has probably won this year 2012. It is signed by the owner of the store and is identical to that of Google. They are specifically 10 and certainly when you see elected, that at least some will have used or are using.

10 Best Android Apps this Year

10 Best Android Application

1. Evernote: EverNote is essentially a Notes application that allows you to record all kinds of things, attaching images, links, etc... To make the synchronization, so we gave our notes on virtually any device.

2. Pinterest: this application allows us to use the web application on your Android device.

3. Snow white by Brothers Grimm:
on our device Android of the tale by the Brothers Grimm. With many images and animations, ideal for the children of the House.

4. Pocket : formerly named reader and is essentially a content offline reader.

5.Expedia Hotels : implementing official Expedia, where you can make reservations for thousands of hotels.

6.Ancestry : With this application simple and complete family trees can do our smartphone.

7.Fancy: another social network as Pinterest.

8. SeriesGuide Show Manager: with this application you can manage, modify, information, etc. from our favorite series.

9.Pixlr Express: known image editing application and complete mobile phone.

10.Ted : we chat, make conferences, etc with celebrities.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How to Increase WIFI Signal with a CAN of Drinks

Hi all. We know that one of the main problems for those who use wifi modem is weak  Wi - Fi signal. Signals tend to weaken as one moves away from the antenna, this coupled with the potential barrier (walls, doors, other antennas, etc.) reduce the scope that can have our modem.

The far away we go from the modem antenna the less signals we get and hence we face problem surfing Internet.

How to Increase WiFi Signals with a CAN

Fortunately for those who are curious about these questions, there is a very simple and practical trick that can increase the WiFi signal with a can of beer, soda or a drink that comes in a similar package. 

To do this, we need only an empty can (plastic), scissors, knife and duct tape. The process is as simple as you can see in the  image.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Google Maps for IOS is now available to download

At last Google Maps app for iOS is now available. After several months google map removed from the IOS AppStore, Apple has accepted the new application for iOS and we have it available for download from the Appstore.

Download Google Maps for IOS users

Google Maps for IOS

The new app from Google has a new design, simpler and faster than the last update. Also the interface is smoother than before and includes new features that were missing. You enter the things that have been added to this new version, are few services that are Street View and the view at street and public transport.

It also includes more functions are: signaling errors by moving the smartphone, navigation "turn by turn" for drivers, improved search of leisure places such as restaurants, cinemas and shops.

Such has been the success of the app from Google that has become the most downloaded software from the store. Many users are in luck and that most were not happy with Apple's implementation.


Monday, 24 December 2012

How to Create Animated Christmas Ecards Easily

E-cards not only help us to convey a message of entertainment, but they are also important for the ecology as reducing the use of paper or other traditional cards, you can also send postcards to a lot of people at the same time, it reduce the execution cost if the recipient is in other countries and at the same time is instantaneous.

That is why, today, I would like to highlight two very fun and creative applications that allow you to create online Christmas cards.

Apps to Create Animated Christmas E-Cards

Create Animated Christmas EcardsAnimated Christmas cards ElfYourself is an application that has a unique and way fun to send these postcards, that allows us to be a virtual dance of Elf in the life of Christmas carols.

To create a video welcome message should follow the instructions step by step, the only data that we have to offer are an image where his face is clearly visible to the person we want.

2. JibJab

This web application allows an original way to salute and congratulate your friends at the same time make laugh, thanks to their video card, you can put your face or to other people such as actors, singers or friends of the same.

This web tool is very intuitive and you can insert images from the camera, PC or Facebook, once finished, you should place it correctly the face with the editor of this application present and ready now to take advantage of their creations. At this time, the site offers a variety of options related to Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all friends of this blog. Enjoy very well this holiday season.