Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Two of the Most important Viruses of 2012

The year 2012 has been another step in the evolution of malware and viruses that feed on our computer. Forecasts are constantly growing and in 2013, we'll probably see new viruses.

This year we Cam through two Important Viruses on Internet, We all know viruses are dangerous and it harms your system and also have effects on your offline real world life. Most of the ATMs run on Windows Xp and if these system catch viruses, then it may shake up peoples Bank account and may harm as well.

Two Important Viruses of 2012

Today in this article i am going to Cover two viruses namely 1. Police Virus and 2. DNS Changer Malware.

Let us now learn more about these viruses and what they do.

1. Police Virus

Vulnerability in Java enabled millions of computers have been infected with a virus posing as police officers. The virus prompted the police to make a payment. It is also known as REVETON, the FBI MoneyPak, Trj/ or Rannoh Ransom.

2.DNS Changer Malware-

Not less important is the way that left DNSChanger. This virus has enabled change the DNS of a smartass. The fact is that after the authors are authorities, had to stop the servers and thus set aside millions of users infected.