Monday, 27 February 2012

How to Test if Antivirus is Working Properly or Not

We all Use antivirus to protect our Computer from Malwares and Viruses, Some of the most popular antiviruses are Avast, Bitdefender, Avira, Kespersky ect.

We all have our own chosen antivirus installed in our Computer to Prevent Viruses to affect the System. But do you know that your antivirus is working properly or not? Yes? No? 

Check if you Antivirus is Working Properly or Not
You might not even know how to check if my Antivirus is working properly or not, So today i will show you a trick to check it.

This test is fallible, though. Many modern antivirus programs do not bother to develop a sequence for the EICAR test, meaning they won’t detect it as a virus. Also, a fake antivirus can easily detect this. This test was valid back in a more innocent and simple time, but we’re in an era where tests based on good faith don’t work anymore.

How to Test if Antivirus is Working Properly

There is a Simple 1 line Code which Antivirus must Stop you to proceed further, if not then its clear that your antivirus is a waste and is not working properly. Just follow the below simple steps to know if your antivirus is good or good for nothing.

Step 1: Open notepad and Copy the Below Code in it