Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Google Maps for IOS is now available to download

At last Google Maps app for iOS is now available. After several months google map removed from the IOS AppStore, Apple has accepted the new application for iOS and we have it available for download from the Appstore.

Download Google Maps for IOS users

Google Maps for IOS

The new app from Google has a new design, simpler and faster than the last update. Also the interface is smoother than before and includes new features that were missing. You enter the things that have been added to this new version, are few services that are Street View and the view at street and public transport.

It also includes more functions are: signaling errors by moving the smartphone, navigation "turn by turn" for drivers, improved search of leisure places such as restaurants, cinemas and shops.

Such has been the success of the app from Google that has become the most downloaded software from the store. Many users are in luck and that most were not happy with Apple's implementation.

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