Thursday, 5 July 2012

Free Online Tool to Convert photos into Cartoon

Hi all. Many people like to change and edit the photos of their different social profiles, all seek to always have the most striking effects and to your photos, do something different that appealed to their friends, so today will provide an overview of Cartoonize to Convert photos into Cartoon.

Cartoonize is Easier by selecting an image (download from your PC or from a URL), choose one of the 8 available effects and click on the button "Cartoonize" now. This cartoonize site in 3 easy steps you can caricature any photo fast, free, and optionally download on your PC.

This tool also provides a desktop for Windows application, but it is paid, but you can download a free trial to test. Here is a photo with the effects of cartoons offered by the Cartoonize site.
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