Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to Stop Getting Emails from Facebook

We all Use facebook and we all recieve emails from facebook. If you are tired of opening your mail and meet with hundreds of Facebook messages and out of that there are many many that not even find the messages that really interest you. This annoys alot. But do you know that you can stop faceboo emails to land in your inbox everytime.

Many of my Friends and even i was recieving many faacebook emails but recently i noticed that we can stop these emails easily and so i am here to share how to stop facebook emails easily. 

How to Stop Getting Emails from Facebook

How to Stop Facebook emails

By default Facebook is configured to inform each of the developments taking place and therefore we recieve emails by facebook. Facebook notifies you when someone sents you a message or friend request or a simple notification too. Now imagine whatever happens on Facebook in a day and for every thing you get a mail from them, More than half of your inbox will be filled with facebook mails.Here is how to get rid of facebook mails.

To stop receiving these annoying messages you just have to do the following:

  • Search in the top right tab that says "Account" and click on it. 
  • Then look for the option that says "Account Settings" , Click it..
  • Now look for the tab that says "Notifications" and select it. 
  • Finally we will see several selections. Now select Only notifications about your account, security and privacy.

What this will do is now on facebook will Stop sending you mails about notifications, messages and other useless activities and they will only send you a email only if there is a problem in your account or any privacy Problem.

I hope this tutorial on How to stop getting emails from facebook will help you and you will get rid of Email bombarding By facebook .

Thanks for reading.
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    Login to Your account
    and change option to
    Only notifications about your account, security and privacy
    and Click Save Botton
    Thats All........