Wednesday, 28 March 2012

10 Possible Symptoms to Know if your PC is Infected

Hi all. Viruses are undoubtedly the worst enemy of our computer (if you use Windows), locks, unexpected reboots, loss of information, among others are the many symptoms that may potentially cause these pesky visitors. But have you ever wondered how to tell if your computer is infected, well, here I share some of the most common symptoms that can occur when a computer is affected by virus.

The 10 possible Malware infection symptoms may include:

1. My computer tells me: You are all kinds of pop-ups and messages on your desktop. This could be a spyware or a fake antivirus or Rogueware.

2. The PC is painfully slow: Although there are several possible reasons can be given if a Trojan is performing tasks that consume resources.

3. Applications will not start: It is a sign of infection, there may be just another failure.

4. I can not connect to the Internet or connect me, but sailed very slow: Malware could be making calls, and stealing bandwidth.

5. When connected to the Internet, many windows open or unsolicited browser displays pages: This is a sure sign of infection, because some threats are designed to drive traffic to certain sites.

6. Where did my files?: There are types of malware designed to erase data, encrypt it or change of site.

7. My antivirus has disappeared, my firewall is disabled: Some threats are designed to disable the security system installed.

8. My computer tells me in a strange language: Computer may be infected if you change the language of the applications or the screen turns upside down.

9. I'm missing libraries and other files to run applications: It can also be a sign of infection.

10. My PC has gone mad: If the team does things on its own, such as connecting to the Internet or send emails, perhaps the cause is a threat.

Remember if you See any of the above symptoms, Then it is mendatory to take action and Scan your pc for viruses with a Good antivirus. Reinstall operating system if needed.
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  1. i have a problem can u help me
    my problem is that when i search anything in the search bar it does not show it
    it only shows files,documents,etc.
    plz help me plz

  2. Enter the format were u saved previously in search bar like...

    *.exe or *.PDF or *.doc