Monday, 7 January 2013

Create a WiFi Access Point (WiFi Hotspot) in Windows 7/8 Laptop

Hi all.If you have a single PC with WiFi access and if you want to share your internet connection with other devices, Winhotspot is a light and simple application designed specifically to do this. Imagine you are in a college, where they often have to go through a portal owner, and enter the username and password assigned to us. Sometimes even this key we limit the number of devices that can connect.

With Winhotspot, we could eliminate the hassle of entering the password be at all times and even connect more devices to make our laptop take the signal and then repeat it, as a new access point. 

Or suddenly have one of those USB Modems with internet, and would like to share the connection with other devices at hand. With Winhotspot, we could share our 3G modem connection via Wifi.

The application is extremely sencilal of use. Simply enter a name for the access point (such as "MyWiFi"), a password, and then choose to share the connection (local area network, wireless signal, or 3G modem). Finally, we make sure that "Hide" is disabled for the access point is visible, and then we click on Start.

I tested the application on a laptop with Windows 7 and it worked perfectly. I still have not managed to test it on Windows 8, but do not see why it should not work in this new operating system. They also have to be sure. Net 3.5 installed (usually comes pre-installed with the operating system).
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  1. why its not working in my windows 7 pc

    1. Hi Hiren, are you sure you are doing everything right?

  2. getting an error while setup as need to elevate system lang error on win 7