Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Best Applications for converting speech into text

For those who spend most of their time writing on the computer is always safer to be looking for ways to improve your writing and make some time to enter information, and in this sense, the proper use of technology can be an advantage considerably to improve our work.

To enter fully into the subject, imagine that instead of writing the traditional way we are used to using the keyboard, you can simply dictate what we want our voice that are written on our computer, then just copy and paste the contents in any text editor you use (Word, Writer, WordPad, Notepad, etc ...)

These types of applications that comment very hard to find and there are many that offer a suitable solution for these tasks, so I wanted to share just 2 best applications that deserve consider work to convert speech into text on the computer.

Apps that Converts Speech into Text

Applications for converting speech into textBefore starting to use the applications that we recommend should have installed and configured a microphone to dictate to our PC, if we usually bring a laptop usually incorporated.

It is also worth noting that when people speak slowly and clearly a way for applications to be as accurate as possible, so we can see a correct transcription of our voice.


This free web application is very easy to use and if we are clear in talking obtain a fairly accurate written by this tool. Choose from over 20 languages ​​we use to talk.

It consists of two text boxes. In the first we appear on the microphone saying, if we can make corrections and then move the content in the second frame, where anger arm the entire document can copy, send, share, print or translated.

Dictation online

This application is a little simpler and not have as many options as above. Simply click on the microphone to see on the site and begin speaking into the microphone, see the text appear on the screen and moves downward as it grows.

After you have all the information that is transcribed can simply copy and paste it into our favorite text editor to add the finishing touches.
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