Thursday, 11 September 2014

How to Colorize Folders with Different Colors In Windows

Hey guys i am back with an Awesome WIndows tricks, Earlier i have Shared many WIndows tricks but i believe this one is outstanding and Best of all. We all Know the Folder color is light yellow by default in Windows, but what if you can give your desired color to each folder inorder to organize them properly to feel Comfortable.

Yes You can colorize folders in windows with the Color of your choice very easily. Many a time we find it difficult to navigate to the folder which we want to because All the Folders are of same Color and if you forget the name of the folder in which you stored your important file, than one can get a nightmare.

Assigning Colors to different folders will not only help you to Pick the folder you want without remembering it but it will aslo spice up the looks. Have a look at the below picture How beautiful Windows explorer looks after giving colors to different folders. Now let us see Some easy steps involved to perform this awesome trick

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Colorizing different folders in Windows

Step 1: Download Folder Colorizer which is a third party tool used to assign colors to Folders in Windows

Thursday, 28 August 2014

How to Add New Start Menu to Windows 7 &

Do you wish to have a New Start Menu Which is not Same Boring that Every Windows User Uses ?
Then Here in this tutorial i will show you Two Great tools that will allow you to Add awesome new Start Menu. You can not just add new style Start menu but also can have your Programs and other awesome features.

The Best part is that these two tools works in both windows 7 and windows 8. So if you are using Windows 8 and missing the Start Button or menu right on the Desktop then Try these tools that you will like for sure. So let us see how to Get new Start Menu to Windows 7 and 8.

Adding New Start Menu to Windows 7/8

There are two Tools that i want to share today, 1 is available for absolutely free and other one have a free version which is awesome but you can also get the paid version if you dearly like it.

1: Start Menu Reviver:

This is one of the great tool that i am going to talk about. I recently Stumbled to This and i found it awesome and so wanted to let the visitors know about it too. You will get your new Start Menu just like the above picture.

Step 1: First of all Download Start Menu Reviver from HERE

Monday, 25 August 2014

How & Why you Need to Set BIOS Password In Windows

What is BIOS ?

Before knowing How to Set BIOS Passoword in Windows and reasons why you need to do it, Let us first see what BIOS is.

The BIOS means Basic Input/Output System which you can access when your computer boots up. 

Why you need to set BIOS Password

Even if you have a log in Password in your Windows Computer or Laptop, the BIOS still provides a loophole for hackers. To close this loophole, one Should add a password to the BIOS. 

A BIOS password is very strong password which locks up the hardware and makes the laptop or Computer completely unusable. You Can Enter the Operating System only if you enter the BIOS password. This makes your Computer Exteremely Safe.

Steps to Set BIOS Password in Windows

Follow the Below Simple steps that explains you how to Password protect BIOS in Windows.

Step 1: Enter BIOS Settings by Continuously Pressing F2 key on your keyboard while your Computer Boots. Most of the Computer have F2 as BIOS key but You can always look what is shown on the screen when your Computer boots.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Trick to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android device

Have you ever wanted to set any video of your choice as your live wallpaper? How about a bunch of videos? How about having options to choose whether the videos play at random or in an order specified by you?

Today in this Article we will Take you through Steps to Set Any Video as live Wallpaper in Android Devices easily. It may probably Drain your Battery but it Definately worthy trying and showing it to your freinds. So lets get started

Steps to Set Video as Live Wallpaper in Android

To Set Live wallpaper on android we are going to use an app. Though there are many apps available but i will recommend to use the most popular one and the one that most of the people prefer to use.

Step 1:  Download and install the app called “Video Live Wallpaper"

Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to Customize VLC Media player to give a Whole New Look

Few days ago I shared 5 Best VLC Media Player tricks, But recently i stumbled through another great vlc trick which gives your VLC media player a whole new look. Its about Changing The theme to get a New, Beautiful looks to VLC of your Choice.

You can even Make VLC look like Windows Media player or Winamp or itunes and the list goes on. There are plenty of Customized themes that can be used and the best part is they are available for free on the official site of Vlc. So let us see steps to Change VLC media player themes and from where to get it.

How to give VLC a whole new look

Step 1: First of all Choose your Favourite Skin from the Official Site Here and Download it to your Computer(Remember the Path).

Here in the Below Picture i Gave my VLC a new Look of Winamp Media player. This looks Cool.

This theme is not available on the Official site, But to Download this theme, CLICK HERE and then click on Download button from Right hand side. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to Create a Folder without Any Name in Windows

Few days ago we saw how to Create a Folder with name CON in Windows. Today, we will see how to create blank folder names in Windows. I have used this trick earlier on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it now also works on Windows 8.1 as well. I do not remember if it worked on Windows XP and earlier.

So you must be knowing that this is not possible to create a folder without any name or folder with blank name in Windows, But Here in this tutorial you will definately learn how to do it

Step  to create blank folder names in Windows 8/7

Example of folders without names:

Using this trick, you can display a folder without a name. There is one caveat however. Your computer needs to have a Numeric keyboard pad.

In case some of you do not know, Numeric keypad or NumPad is the section of the keyboard on the right side, which usually contains 17 keys, viz. 0 to 9, +, -, *, /, ., Num Lock and Enter keys. As most of us would have numpad on our keyboard or laptop, this should not be a concern. so let us proceed with the steps.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

4 Ways to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

We love apps. We love free apps. And we love paid apps that cost nothing most of all. But we don't like pirates, so if you have an eye patch on your face and a parrot on your shoulder, be gone with ye! Having said that, there's plenty of legal ways to get paid apps for free for your Android so today we're going to share a few with you.

There are millions of premium apps available on the Google Play Store and other app stores such as Amazon, you can’t get these apps free, instead you’ve to pay in order to get your favorite Android app for free. Today we’re going to discuss a few ways you can get the paid Android apps for free.

4 Ways to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

1.App Gratis:

It offers new app for free daily. No overloading of other apps- just one app a day. Sometimes the free apps offered by App-gratis won’t be eligible for updates. You better ignore this negativity because deals keep coming and often there is gem of an app. Nevertheless, the AppGratis deals just keep coming and there's often some real gems in there.

2. Amazon App of the day:

Amazon app store for Android is one of the best app store for mobile devices and there is no doubt that it is still giving tough competitor of Google Play store. It is doing everything to drag its consumers back from Google play store. For now they offer free app every day. 

Just go to Amazon app of the day to see which app they are offering currently. Download the Amazon app of the day or grab a notification app like free app Notifier for Amazon.